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Store Medical Records

Lease rates in medical buildings are expensive, yet much of the space used in a clinic is devoted to store medical records. Space needed to store medical records, particularly archived/inactive charts, often expands into exam rooms, off-site mini-storage or other valuable workspace. With the migration to EMR, the paper chart is becoming an expensive and cumbersome legacy of outdated management practices.


Rather than having paper charts occupy a large portion of your valuable clinic space, patient charts are removed from any healthcare provider in the United States and stored in Clary’s secure off-site facility. Chart requests from Clary are fulfilled in minutes, not days, as is the case with box-storage companies. 


As charts are requested, Clary’s staff will either: 

  • convert the paper chart to an electronic format that is compatible with your EMR, or

  • scan the chart directly into your EMR, or

  • deliver the chart to you via courier or overnight express. 

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