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Closing a Practice

Although you may be considering retirement, your patients' records must continue working for years, and in some cases decades.  Of the many issues to consider before closing a practice, finding a trustworthy custodian to manage those records going forward is critical.  

We take custody of your records (whether electronic or paper) and store them for as long as you request. We provide service to any healthcare provider in the United States.  Medical records are released according to the standard release of information (ROI) process.


Clary will help you craft a notice to your patients informing them of how and where to obtain copies of their medical records once the practice is closed.


We arrange for all transportation of the records, and we can help you box them as well.


All records are managed in accordance with applicable state and federal law. When the retention period expires, all records are destroyed.


Trust Clary to be a partner in assuring a continuity of care for your patients following the closure of your practice. Our custodial service is available to all physicians in the U.S. who are closing a practice.

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