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Release of Information Processing

As an extension of your staff, Clary manages all aspects of the release of information process. Our staff uses up-to-date HIPAA knowledge and the latest technology to fulfill and track requests for medical records.


We help clients make the transition from paper to electronic medical records. Relevant information is retrieved from the existing paper records (stored at Clary for free ) and matched with the patients' electronic file. The retrieved information is consolidated and converted into one digital file (PDF or TIF).


The encrypted file is uploaded to Clary's secure server and made available to the requestor via Clary's secure website. To accommodate requestorswho are unable to receive files  electronically, paper copies are mailed or faxed.


We will take the phone calls from requestors, distribute authorization forms to patients and scrutinize the incoming record requests.


Requests are entered into Clary's electronic status log which tracks all correspondence from the time of receipt to the release of the record.


All ROI requests are processed according to your policies, and in accordance with all state and HIPAA guidelines.  

By managing and tracking your medical record requests with Clary, you will;


  • free-up space that is currently occupied by open-shelved and archived paper charts,

  • focus your staff's energy on providing healthcare rather than the time-consuming activity of ROI processing,

  • improve compliance, decrease turnaround and enhance customer service.


For more information, please contact us using the information below.

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